Galatea by Emily Short.

This week we looked at Galatea, it’s a text based piece, where you, the player is introduced to Galatea and then its all up to you where the story goes from there. The player has different command words to use; ask, think, look, listen, tell. The list goes on, now the interesting things about this […]

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Façade is a video game that takes place in the apartment of a couple, Trip and Grace, that invited the player for a visit. Then the conflict arises, Trip and Grace start arguing, and using language processing software the game allows the player to interact with the couple and their argument. Now there is three […]

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Konsoll 2017 and Jake Elliott

Last week I volunteered at Konsoll Bergen, which is a videogame developer conference, the conference is a yearly event, and it was my first time attending. Now I wanted to look at a lot of different things at the conference, but one of the talks, really resonated with me in a e-lit way. That was […]

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Bots, and poetry!

I feel this will be kind of a continuation of the discussion from Dwarf fortress, where is the poetry created, can algorithms and computer code create poetry, or is it something only humans can do? What? Marie (don’t know the blog URL, or I would have linked it) in my elit class, presented two twitter […]

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The hobo lobo of hamelin

this is my review of the hobo lobo of hamelin, and then some rambling about dwarf fortress: What got my attention. What first attracted me to the hobo lobo, was the aesthetic, the way the style blended 2D and 3D like effects without using 3D reminded me of Darkest Dungeon. (DD is a 2D game […]

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Back again!

This is the first blogpost in a while, i have been off from school, and I kind of dint think I would be using this blog for a while. But now I am taking a class in Electronic literature and we are going to blog about the works we are looking at for class, so […]

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